We help navigate Data Privacy

We offer tailor-made privacy solutions to support Life Sciences companies (Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medtech manufacturers) with their innovative product development (drugs, medical device, AI).



iliomad was founded in 2020 with the goal to provide privacy solutions for Life Sciences companies.



Since its launch iliomad has accompanied over 30 life sciences companies ranging from biotech, big pharmas to academics.

Research Projects


iliomad was involved in over 30 projects, from multi centric clinical trials in the EEA and the UK to data warehouses projects and medical AI development tools.

Meet The Team

Seamus Larroque

MSc Health law, Certified ISO 27005

Seamus is the co-founder of iliomad Health Data and serves as the CEO. Seamus has a broad experience of the regulatory world, having worked for 5 years in a regulatory consulting firm as their legal director. Seamus holds a degree in Health Law and is a certified risk manager.

Pierre Malvoisin

MSc, Certified DPO / IAPP

Pierre is the co-founder of iliomad Health Data and serves as the company’s technical manager. Pierre has worked in data privacy protection for more than five years for different academic institutes such as CNRS and Unicancer. Pierre holds a degree in Law and is a certified Data Protection Officer.

Ugo Popée

MSc, Ecole 42

Ugo serves as the chief technical officer of iliomad Health Data. He is responsible for building the innovative privacy platform. Ugo has extensive experience in IT and cybersecurity. Ugo holds a diploma from Ecole 42.


Our consultants are CDPO certified Data Protection Officers with the required legal and technical expertise to maintain our customers systems privacy compliant.

We are ISO27005 Risk Manager certified, ensuring through the application of the EBIOS method the management of data privacy risks for our clients.

We are ISO9001 certified allowing us to guarantee that our customers needs are always met.