Third-Party Risk Management

Medical research significantly depends on third parties, ranging from data hosting to central labs and CROs. Life sciences companies must rely on these entities to meet their objectives. With the increasing involvement of third-party vendors in operations, there's a corresponding rise in exposure to external risks. Consequently, it's vital for life sciences companies to accurately know who accesses their data, how their data is safeguarded, and whether they can trust these third parties.

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How can iliomad Health Data help you ?

iliomad Health Data offers insights into vendors, assisting Life Sciences firms in evaluating these third-party entities. Furthermore, we support throughout the duration of the contractual ties among Clinical Sponsors, Healthtech, and Pharmaceutical businesses. Effective third party risk management is crucial for ensuring top-tier compliance, overseeing the recipients of the data, and safeguarding how it's handled. iliomad Health Data assists its clients in overseeing the various vendors associated with their medical operations using a specialized third-party solution.

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