Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is  revolutionizing Life Sciences with unparalleled power. It offers great opportunities to improve health care. However, the volume of data needed to train key models of AI research and application raises ethical and regulatory questions. In order to protect patients’ health data, it is crucial to guarantee a virtuous and transparent exploitation of Artificial Intelligence models.

AI and health data require a holistic approach in order to implement adequate data protection measures. This implies to understand the applicable regulations, how data are collected, where the data are transferred and how data are being accessed.

How can iliomad help you ?

iliomad Health Data offers specialized expertise to Life Sciences companies that are developing algorithms using AI models, ranging from machine learning to deep learning. We provide strategic guidance to ensure that these models process health data in a compliant manner during both the training and production phases.

Risk analysis Data Protection Impact Assessment
Identifiying Responsbilities
Documentation review
Data strategy and data reuse
domain explain illustration

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