Health Data Warehouses

A health data warehouse serves as a centralized repository for all the healthcare information retrieved from multiple sources like electronic health records (EHR), electronic medical records (EMR), enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), radiology and lab databases, or wearables. The data in the warehouse is transformed to fit unified formatting, so it can be used for analysis with no additional preparation. Depending in which country the warehouse is being created a number of different laws and regulations may apply and in some cases regulatory approvals need to be obtained. This is for example the case in France where data warehouses projects are framed by the specific regulation know as ”Référentiel Entrepôt de données de santé”. In any cases, such projects will need to be structured according to fundamental items such as legal bases for data collection, data transfers, data hosting, data classification etc.

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How can iliomad can help you ?

iliomad Health Data has extensive experience in collaborating with both academic institutions and private companies to establish health data warehouses. From the initial structuring of the project to obtaining regulatory approvals, iliomad Health Data has gained broad experience of do’s and don’ts that will allow to accelerate and de risk your project.

Data governance
Regulatory procedures and approvals
Risk analysis - data protection impact assessments
Data reuse