EU Data Protection Officer

Hiring a Data Protection Officer (DPO) has become a crucial obligation for many companies, especially those in the medical research domain, due to stringent data protection regulations, especially within the European Union. iliomad offers a solution for this requirement by offering its specialized DPO services tailored for Life Sciences companies. As an outsourced DPO, Iliomad ensures a rigorous compliance system, incorporating the principles of privacy by design and taking into account the specifics of data protection law. Our consultants are not only well-versed in data protection rules and regulations, but they also possess an in-depth understanding of the life sciences regulatory landscape.

Our expertise goes beyond just understanding the requirements of data protection authorities. We are adept at managing personal information, sensitive personal data, and ensuring that any interactions with third parties, be it processors or controllers, are in strict adherence to data protection law. This comprehensive knowledge, combined with our awareness of the life sciences industry, makes Iliomad an unparalleled partner.

In the event of a potential breach, iliomad's team is equipped to conduct thorough impact assessments, emphasizing cybersecurity and information security, ensuring that companies meet their accountability requirements. Their approach ensures that data transfers to third countries are in line with regulations and that any contractual agreements related to data uphold the highest standards. With Iliomad, life sciences companies can confidently navigate their obligations concerning privacy compliance, ensuring they remain in good standing with data protection authorities.

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Why do you need to be compliant ?

The processing of sensitive data, including health data, necessitates the appointment of a Data Protection Officer who possesses the required expertise and certifications. This appointment, which must be registered with data protection regulatory authorities, is an essential step towards ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Appointing a DPO

Processing sensitive data, such as health information, requires the appointment of a Data Protection Officer with the necessary expertise and certifications. This appointment, made to data protection regulatory authorities, is a key step in ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Train your personnel

Mandatory GDPR training for all personnel involved in the processing of EU personal data is essential. Ensuring a consistent level of data protection across the entire company, from operational staff to management teams, is of utmost importance.

Data mapping and data flows

A key challenge in health data processing is understanding the data flow from the point of collection to the moment it is hosted and stored. This step is critical for compliance with EU regulations and also presents an opportunity to clearly define and control the access to health data by various parties involved.

QA Documentation

To comply with EU regulations, entities must be able to demonstrate that they have taken the requisite steps towards compliance. This involves the implementation of data privacy policies, establishing protocols for data breaches, creating data subject request forms, and maintaining records of processing activities.

Third Party Management

Life sciences companies frequently engage a variety of vendors, including CROs, laboratories, and imaging facilities, to conduct research activities. This reliance on multiple vendors exposes companies to potential data security risks. As accountable entities, these companies have the obligation to vet and audit these vendors to ensure the security and integrity of the data being handled.

Risk analysis - Data Protection Impact Assessment

Performing a risk analysis is a requisite action when the processing of health data is involved. This document serves as the foundational element of any compliance program, as it meticulously outlines the steps undertaken to adhere to privacy regulations and the measures implemented to safeguard health data.

How can iliomad Health Data help you ?

The iIliomad Health Data team is comprised of certified Data Protection Officers who possess specialized expertise in life sciences regulations. Our Data Protection Officers hold CIPM and ISO 27005 Risk Manager certifications, showcasing their proficiency in data protection practices.

Data Protection Officer specialized in Life Sciences
Review regulatory documentations : CTA, ICF, Information sheets
Implement policies and processes
Conduct Risk analysis