Digital therapeutic solutions, healthcare applications, and medical equipment all share a foundational reliance on data collection and processing in the Medtech sector. With increasing regulatory scrutiny from agencies like the FDA and EMA, it is crucial to prioritize privacy considerations when advancing these technologies.

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How can iliomad Health Data help you?

When creating Health IT medtech solutions for multiple regions and countries, especially in the dynamic healthcare industry, it is not just about having an innovative product; understanding and adhering to relevant regulations is paramount. It's essential to have a deep grasp of these rules, discern their practical application, and recognize the comprehensive steps required for compliance, both during the meticulous development phase and when the solution becomes an integral part of health-systems and the market. iliomad Health Data goes beyond conventional approaches to data protection and privacy.

We offer a data-driven strategy that ensures the security of medical developments, from wearable devices to telehealth platforms. Our services cater to the nuances of patient-care, aiming to enhance health outcomes.  We empower clinicians with the right tools for clinical decision support. In the era of value-based care, understanding and leveraging these insights are key to effective health management.

With iliomad's comprehensive guidance, life sciences companies can navigate the challenges of the healthcare landscape confidently, ensuring that their innovations remain at the forefront of patient-centric, outcome-focused care."

Adequate legal basis for collection and secondary use
Identifiying Responsbilities
Data Governance
Data Protection Impact Assessment