Data Warehouses

In both public and private sectors, the advent of big data and data warehousing has revolutionized the utilization of medical information. These data-driven systems dismantle traditional silos and facilitate the intricate process of aggregating massive volumes of health data from a plethora of medico-administrative and clinical information sources, including management-related patient data, metadata from prior research, socio-demographic data, and vast arrays of unstructured data. By harnessing data virtualization, these warehouses consolidate raw and clinical data into a more accessible and manageable form.

iliomad has a commendable history of assisting numerous companies in navigating the regulatory challenges associated with data warehousing in the health sector. They have successfully led these companies to obtain regulatory approval for their data warehouses, ensuring that they meet the stringent data protection standards required for the handling of sensitive health data. By partnering with Iliomad, companies can ensure their data practices are not only compliant but also optimized to leverage the full potential of big data in healthcare.

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