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Informed consent

Informed consent is the process in which a health care provider educates a patient about the risks, benefits, and alternatives of a given procedure or intervention. The patient must be competent to make a voluntary decision about whether to undergo the procedure or intervention.


Pharmacokinetics (PK)

Pharmacokinetics (PK) is the study of how drugs are absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and eliminated by the body. Pharmacokinetics is concerned with the time course of drug concentrations in the body, and how these concentrations are influenced by various factors such as the dose, route of administration, and patient characteristics. Pharmacokinetic studies are an important component of drug development and clinical practice, as they provide valuable information on how drugs behave in the body, and how they can be optimized for maximum therapeutic benefit and minimum risk of side effects. Pharmacokinetic data is used to guide dosing recommendations, evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs, and optimize treatment regimens for individual patients.

Pharmacokinetics is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates elements of chemistry, biology, mathematics, and statistics. Pharmacokinetic data is typically analyzed using mathematical models, which can be used to estimate drug concentrations over time, calculate pharmacokinetic parameters such as clearance and volume of distribution, and evaluate the effects of various factors on drug behavior.

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