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Nevada Health data privacy bill

The State of Nevada has adopted its own Health Data Privacy Act which will be effective March 31, 2024.

This Act was modeled after Washington's My Health Data Act, but unlike it, the Act doesn't carry a private right of action.

The adoption of this Act shows the growing concerns about health data privacy and more generally about data privacy.


The EU Data Act is shaping up

The Data Act is a legislative proposal to regulate how industrial data is accessed and shared. It concerns Business-to-Customer and Business-to-Business data-sharing. Some points are still discussed such as how to deal with trade secrets, the territorial scope, the problem of product safety and the date of application. Furthermore,Cloud providers are mandated to avoid creating barriers for users wanting to switch to a different provide.


The AI Act is underway with the AI rulebook adopted

The AI rulebook is part of the AI Act, a European legislation pertaining to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

On June 14th, changes were enacted on the text, where all propositions that hadn't been agreed upon in committee were dismissed. New and more specific duties were put forth for high-risk AI providers and the need to conduct assessments of fundamental rights impacts and environmental impact monitoring was introduced. Following this, inter-institutional discussions will be held between the EU Parliament, the EU Council of Ministers, and the European Commission. T



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