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In recent news, genetics testing giant, 23andMe, has informed several of its users about a security breach concerning its "DNA Relatives" feature. This feature, which enables users globally to compare and share ancestry data, was infiltrated, potentially exposing sensitive information like relationship labels, ancestry reports, matching DNA segments, and more.

Main information :

  • The breach was discovered after a hacker boasted about stealing millions of data pieces from 23andMe on an online platform.
  • 23andMe has been actively collaborating with federal law enforcement and forensic experts to delve deeper into the matter.
  • The company has communicated to its users that unauthorized access was gained to certain accounts linked via the "DNA Relatives" feature.
  • Post the revelation of this breach, there's been a surge in concerns among users about the potential misuse of their ethnicity and other sensitive data.
  • 23andMe has temporarily disabled certain features in the "DNA Relatives" section to prioritize user privacy during this investigation.

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