On January 17, 2024, Belgium inaugurated its new Health Data Agency, a project approved a year earlier. The agency is designed to improve the accessibility and reusability of health data for secondary purposes. This enhancement of data availability will be executed in a manner that ensures both security and adherence to privacy regulations.

Data types Involved

The data encompasses a broad spectrum. Founding members of the ADS (Sciensano, INAMI, SPF Public Health, KCE, AFPMS) have established a framework to map out the extensive data sets targeted, which include health, diseases, medical equipment and products, health determinants, related activities, etc. According to an agency program manager, this data will inherently be public and anonymized.

Structure of the Repository

The platform, as it currently stands, is relatively straightforward. It lists a variety of accessible datasets, while the agency itself does not hold the data. The data is organized using the DCAT_AP format.

Role of the Health Data Agency

The agency acts as an intermediary, facilitating the interaction between those who reuse data and the entities that own it. It offers tools and legal advice to aid in data exchange. Moreover, the agency is responsible for verifying the identity and intentions of data reusers, aligning its operations with the guidelines set forth by the European Health Data Space.

For further details, visit the Agency's website: https://hda.belgium.be/fr.

Seamus Larroque

CDPO / CPIM / ISO 27005 Certified


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