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We provide a range of services from fully GDPR outsourced services
to cut to fit GDPR compliance solutions for the most innovative science.

Data Protection Impact Assessments
Iliomad’s expertise in conducting DPIAs for medical research can help you speed up your compliance program as well as benefit from iliomad’s unique templates and methodology.
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Due Diligence
iIliomad can assist you in thoroughly addressing all privacy-related requirements, ensuring that every necessary step has been taken to safeguard data. In the event of any privacy shortcomings, we can develop a detailed remediation plan to rectify these issues. Our expertise can play a vital role in securing a successful financing round and instilling confidence in your prospective financial partners.
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Data Privacy Training
Mandatory GDPR training for all personnel involved in the processing of EU personal data is essential. Ensuring a consistent level of data protection across the entire company, from operational staff to management teams, is of utmost importance.
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Clinical Data Hosting
Hosting of clinical data has become a major concern for companies processing EU personal data. Iliomad can help you establish your hosting strategy and become compliant with hosting regulations
GDPR Quality Assurance
iliomad has crafted a bespoke and adaptable GDPR Quality Assurance (QA) system specifically designed for Life Sciences companies. This system is scalable, making it a suitable solution for everything from small biotech startups to large pharmaceutical corporations
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Informed Consent Form Review
Informed Consent Forms are pivotal documents for clinical trials and privacy is now at the center of those documents. With its broad experience in the EU, iliomad can help speed up the process.
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GDPR Contractual Review
Iliomad has developed a broad experience within the life science industry to help every party abide with the GDPR and tackle the numerous correlated constraints.
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Vendor Assessment
Vendors processing activities ranging from hosting patient data to data analysis must also comply with data privacy regulations. Iliomad can help you assess your vendors capabilities and measures to make sure your data is in good hands.
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We help our clients through gap analysis with the GDPR and other main privacy regulations. Iliomad has developed extensive expertise of the main privacy regulations of the world and can help you.
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European Local Regulations
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a regulation that aims to provide a consistent set of data protection rules across the European Union (EU). Although the GDPR is a European regulation, it allows EU member states to adapt certain provisions to better align with their national laws and practices. This can lead to nuances and variations in the way the rules are applied. Additionally each EU member state has its own regulator responsible for enforcing the GDPR. These authorities may have slightly different interpretations and different enforcement priorities.
UK Data Protection Act
The Data Protection Act 2018 governs the use of personal information by organizations, businesses, or the government in the UK.This Act represents the UK's adaptation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).All entities handling personal data are bound to adhere to stringent rules known as 'data protection principles'.
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